Description of Services

ID Cyber Watch Report:  ID Cyber Watch subscribers have the ability to submit the following elements to be monitored:

  • 1 Social Security Number
  • 5 Financial Institution Accounts
  • 5 Credit/Debit Cards
  • 1 Drivers’ License
  • 2 Email Addresses
  • 2 Medical IDs
  • 1 Passport
  • 2 Phone Numbers

Sex Offender Report provides a report of all registered Sex Offenders living within a defined radius of a user’s zip code, and alerts the user when a new Sex Offender is added. It also notifies users if a Sex Offender fraudulently registers using his or her identity elements.

Change of Address Report reports if an individual’s mail has been redirected through the US Postal Service.

Social Security Trace Report provides users with a report of all names and aliases associated with their SSN, and notifies them if a new one is added.

Credit File Authentication
Score Tracker is a month-after-month graph that provides subscriber’s with insights into their credit score. Each month, subscriber’s will see how their credit scores change over time, along with score factors that provide insight into what events may have caused their specific credit score to change at a certain point in time.

Court Records Report tracks municipal court systems and alerts users if a criminal act is committed under their names in real time.

Non-Credit or “Pay-Day” Loan Report alerts users if a Payday loan has been opened using an element of their identity.

Self-Service Identity Restoration gives customers step-by-step instructions for repairing and restoring a compromised identity.

Full-Service Identity Restoration includes:

  • A certified identity theft restoration specialist assigned to identity fraud victims to provide full-service identity restoration over the duration of the case
  • Use of a specialized limited power of attorney to work on the subscriber’s behalf to restore the identity case, which frees them from that burden
  • Interactive dispute letters to creditors and government agencies
  • Interactive dispute letters to credit bureaus
  • Interactive identity theft affidavit

Identity Theft Insurance covers costs associated with identity restoration for up to $1M with $0 deductible. *Insurance is only included in Gold and Platinum Member Protection Packages.

Lost Wallet assists members in quickly and effectively terminating and re-ordering wallet contents. Users are not required to pre-register wallet contents before using this service.