About Us

Our Mission

To provide members the security they need to protect their identity in the electronic market space in a cost effective manner.

Our Vision

Be a leader in identity theft protection for credit union members.

Our Purpose

The Member Security Center is active and dedicated to:

  • Informing credit union members of up to date information regarding identity theft and fraud prevention.
  • Helping credit union members  to safeguard their private information through access to monitoring agents and credit reports
  • Providing informative and educational materials in the event or case of a data breach or other technical issue that could lead to the dissemination of personal information.
  • Empowering members to be proactive in the monitoring of their personal information and help to recover their identity in case it was used in a fraudulent manner.

The Member Security Center is provided to the credit union’s membership though the League of Southeastern Credit Unions and its subsidiaries.